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Jul 24 2015

How to set up your own Raspberry Pi powered VPN – BBC News

BBC Click’s Kate Russell gives a step-by-step guide to setting up your own virtual private network using a Raspberry Pi. Source: How to set up your own Raspberry Pi powered VPN – BBC News

Dec 01 2014

Link: How to install an Opensource VPN Server on Linux

One of the most concerning factors to me while browsing, Is how can I ensure that my data remains private and secure ? While searching for answers, I came cross a number of ways in which you can remain anonymous like using a proxy website. But still using a third party service was not assuring …

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Apr 20 2014

Links: The DIY home VPN experiment series

Part One: Introduction It’s been a while since my last blog entry, and I’ve decided to catch you up on some of the projects that I’ve been working on in my home lab. This next series of posts is going to revolve around the do-it-yourself home VPN. What is a VPN, or virtual private network? …

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Apr 07 2014

Link: How To Setup a VPN in Ubuntu using OpenVPN

We love Linux and we love it for its open source nature, security, and powerful tools. There are a lot of free as well as commercial VPN solutions available for Ubuntu. We are not going to list or rank all the top VPN providers. We don’t necessarily want to rank them simply because users choose …

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Dec 29 2013

Link: How to Setup a VPN (PPTP) Server on Debian Linux

VPN-ing into your server will allow you to connect to every possible service running on it, as if you were sitting next to it on the same network, without individually forwarding every port combination for every service you would like to access remotely. Using a VPN connection also has the upshot of, if desired, granting …

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Dec 19 2013

Link: Raspberry Pi OpenVPN Server Tutorial

This page shows how one user installed an OpenVPN server on a Raspberry Pi. (For your Pi!)

Nov 11 2013

Link: DSVR (Domain-Specific VPN Router)

From the file: PURPOSE If you’re using a VPN service today, you may have found the following limitations: 1) All or nothing. Either ALL traffic goes down the VPN or none – unable to be selective. 2) Only one VPN at a time. Cannot selectively route certain sites down one VPN, and others down …

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Nov 03 2013

Collection of links: Setting up a PPTP VPN server in Ubuntu Linux

Just a collection of pages we found on this topic, in no particular order: How to Setup a VPN (PPTP) Server on Debian Linux (How-To Geek) Configure a PPTP VPN Server on Ubuntu Linux (Networking Howtos) Setting up a PPTP VPN Server on Debian/Ubuntu (Jesin’s Blog) Steps to setup VPN in Linux using Graphical User …

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Feb 11 2010

Mini-review of Beginning OpenVPN 2.0.9 by Markus Feilner and Norbert Graf (Packt Publishing)

I have previously reviewed the title, “Review of OpenVPN: Building and Integrating Virtual Private Networks by Markus Feilner“, and this is the updated and expanded version of that book. The publisher says that all examples in the book work with version 2.0.9 and 2.1 of OpenVPN. Since the original book was released in 2006, it …

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Jun 24 2009

Setting up an OpenVPN tunnel using a CentOS-based system as the server and a router flashed with Tomato firmware as the client – Part 4

Continued from Part 3… If you have set up an OpenVPN server on your system and are using it regularly, eventually you are going to want to trim the log file. Webmin actually makes that easy. Simply click on System, then Log File Rotation. You should see a bunch of existing log file rotation rules. …

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