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The Ultimate Firefox Privacy & Security Guide

Online privacy and security are constantly under assault. It seems like every day there’s a new threat to your personal information. Choosing and configuring the right web browser goes a long way in protecting yourself. Right now Firefox is the best option for that. It’s open source, gives you tons of options for control, and has all of the privacy and security add-ons you’ll need.

This guide is as complete as it can be at the time of writing. These are ever-evolving topics, and threats continue to change. Regardless, this guide will give you a good basis to protect yourself from common threats.

Source: The Ultimate Firefox Privacy & Security Guide – Make Tech Easier

Raspberry Pi Pushbutton Shutdown/Startup

This is extracted from a single post by user RonR in a thread about FreePBX for the Raspberry Pi on DSLReports. I though it might be useful to many Raspberry Pi users:

Raspberry Pi Pushbutton Shutdown/Startup

The attached script will install shutdown and startup capability using a SPST NO momentary pushbutton
switch connected to GPIO header pins 5 and 6. Pressing the button on a running system will initiate
a graceful shutdown (shutdown -h now). Once shut down, pressing the button will restart the system.

1. Copy install and gpio-shutdown.dtbo to the Raspberry Pi.

2. Make the install script executable:

$ chmod +x install

3. Run the install script:

$ sudo ./install

4. Reboot

For additional info, see:

The script can be downloaded from RonR’s original post or directly from

How to Pass Arguments to a Bash-Script

You can write a bash script such that it receives arguments specified when the script is called from the command line. This method is used when a script has to perform a slightly different function depending on the values of input parameters (the arguments).

For example, you may have a script called “” that performs a particular operation on a file, such as counting its words. If you want to be able to use that script on many files, it is best to pass the file name as an argument, so that you can use the same script for all the files to be processed.

Source: How to Pass Arguments to a Bash-Script (Lifewire)

Advanced Video Search on YouTube with Simple Commands

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet after Google. This guide discusses advanced search operators that you can use with your YouTube search queries for more accurate video searches.

Source: Advanced Video Search on YouTube with Simple Commands (Digital Inspiration)

What Is ‘ADB’ On Android And What Is Its True Purpose?

Short Bytes: ADB or Android Debug Bridge is a term that you’ve come across quite often. Every time you connect your device to your computer via cable, or if you browse around the ‘Developer Options,’ you will come across the term Android Debug Bridge or ADB for short, but what does it mean? And what is its purpose? It is a versatile tool that helps your Android device function as it is, so let us tell you more about ADB.

Source: What Is ‘ADB’ On Android And What Is Its True Purpose? (Fossbytes)

Link: How to Use Wayback Machine to Archive Websites

There are a number of reasons one would want to archive a website. Luckily, The Wayback Machine makes it super easy. Here are the ways in which you can use The Wayback Machine for all your webpage archiving needs.

Source: How to Use Wayback Machine to Archive Websites – Make Tech Easier

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