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LuLu – a free alternative to Little Snitch?

If you use MacOS and you would like the functionality of Little Snitch but don’t want to pay for it, this might be an alternative to consider. I haven’t tested it, nor have I done a feature comparison between LuLu and Little Snitch, so this is just to note that it exists and nothing more.

In today’s connected world, it is rare to find an application or piece of malware that doesn’t communicate with a remote server.

LuLu is the free, open-source firewall that aims to block unknown outgoing connections, protecting your privacy and your Mac!

Source: Objective-See: LuLu

How to use SCP to transfer files in the macOS Terminal

Secure Copy is a UNIX standard used to transfer files from one computer to another. He’s how to use the function in macOS, all via the Terminal window.

Source: How to use SCP to transfer files in the macOS Terminal | AppleInsider

10 macOS Tips to Boost Your Productivity

When it comes to working on your Mac, there are so many handy time-saving tricks hidden away in macOS that there’s a good chance you’re missing at least one or two. Here are 10 quick tips, any of which could be key to turbo-charging your productivity.

Source: 10 macOS Tips to Boost Your Productivity – MacRumors

Gauss – A Stable Diffusion macOS native app

Generate images with Stable Diffusion 2.0, 1.5, and 1.4 all on your Mac using the Apple Neural Engine. It’s fast, and everything happens locally.

Gauss – A Stable Diffusion app for macOS built with SwiftUI and Apple’s ml-stable-diffusion CoreML models. (GitHub)

Awesome macOS open source applications

List of awesome open source applications for macOS. This list contains a lot of native, and cross-platform apps. The main goal of this repository is to find free open source apps and start contributing. Feel free to contribute to the list, any suggestions are welcome!

Source: Awesome macOS open source applications – GitHub

How to Fix High CPU Usage on Your Mac

High CPU usage can lead to several problems on Macs. If left untouched, you may encounter application crashes, a frequent jittery interface with a spinning beachball, overheating, shorter battery life, and worse – kernel panics. This tutorial shows you the steps to identify the processes using excessive CPU and how to fix them.

Source: How to Fix High CPU Usage on Your Mac – Make Tech Easier

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