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Physicists Build Circuit That Generates Clean, Limitless Power From Graphene

If this turns out to be capable of generating enough current to keep a phone charged, that’s a big deal. If enough of these packaged together can run a small computer such as a Raspberry Pi, that’s a REALLY big deal. And if you could package enough of these together in a small enough area to run an electric vehicle, then life as we know it may be about to change! Let’s hope there not some unforeseen drawback to this – for example, do these only work for a short amount of time before needing replacement? Are they terribly costly to make in quantity? I just really hope this turns out to have practical use in consumer grade equipment. But also, if that’s the case, I hope this is not just another of those inventions that could change the world but that seemingly disappears into oblivion shortly after being announced.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – A team of University of Arkansas physicists has successfully developed a circuit capable of capturing graphene’s thermal motion and converting it into an electrical current.

“An energy-harvesting circuit based on graphene could be incorporated into a chip to provide clean, limitless, low-voltage power for small devices or sensors,” said Paul Thibado, professor of physics and lead researcher in the discovery.

Source: Physicists Build Circuit That Generates Clean, Limitless Power From Graphene (University of Arkansas)

The Power of Motion; Harvesting Energy from Freestanding Graphene
The Power of Motion: Physicist Paul Thibado Updates Listeners of ‘Short Talks’ About His Work

Want to experiment with free or nearly-free energy? Here is a site for you!

Fancy yourself to be a modern-day Tesla? Or maybe you just want to read about others who have experimented with free, or nearly-free energy with varying degrees of success. Well, here is a site that probably contains everything you want to know, most of it in downloadable format:

Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices

Now, I realize that there are people who claim we can’t have free energy because it violates some law of physics. But here is the thing, there are three categories of physics. There are the physics that we, the general public, know about (at least those of us who have taken classes in physics). Then there are the physics known only to people who work on “black projects” for various agencies around the globe, and maybe to a few very smart people who are willing to think outside the box but who probably get ridiculed when they try to share their knowledge publicly, because the world isn’t ready for them yet. And then there is the physics we haven’t discovered — yet! The latter might be what propels some of the strange objects in the sky that are often shown in YouTube UFO videos, at least the ones that aren’t CGI fakes (and there are plenty of those on YouTube, too).

(Please note I am NOT saying we are being visited by aliens. The reason they call them UFO’s is because the “U” stands for “unidentified”, meaning we don’t know where they come from or what they are. So, I am keeping an open mind on the subject. They may well be of earthly origin.)

There are many people who believe that we could have had free energy long ago, except that the corporations who make money selling us petroleum-based energy and other forms of at inflated prices would see their profits evaporate overnight. The problem is that until someone actually builds a production model free-energy device that can be installed in any home or vehicle, few will take the possibility seriously. It kind of reminds me of how many “learned scientists” said that heavier-than-air flight was impossible until the early experimenters such as the Wright Brothers proved they were wrong (and even then, many in the press thought their flights had been faked). It only took a decade or so after that for the military to be making use of airplanes, and for them to be used to carry commercial cargo. The point is that even after a technology is proven to work, some people simply will not accept it and will claim it is all smoke and mirrors, but once we get past that stage it can grow into a major industry. And there will always be casualties; the Zeppelin industry and to a lesser extent the railroads lost business once commercial flight took off (no pun intended), but that is progress. No business model survives forever, and for many people the sooner we no longer need to rely on petroleum-based energy, or a vulnerable grid of electrical transmission lines carrying energy across the continent, the better.

I don’t know which of these experimenters are actually onto something and which are just pursuing fanciful dreams, or worse yet, which are actively scamming investors. But I will just bet that there is someone out there who will soon change the world with an invention that will provide very cheap or free energy that can power every home and vehicle. That’s provided, of course, that they don’t have a tragic automobile accident or have some other unexpected calamity befall them, as unfortunately seems to happen on occasion, or that they don’t just seem to disappear off the face of the earth.

Steorn’s Stunning Orbo Claims: Neverending Electricity Produced at Point-of-use | Free Energy Times

Is this legitimate? I don’t know, but one reason I think it just might be is that it’s not making a totally outrageous claim, such as “you can run your entire home off of one of our devices.” No, this sounds more like a “Wright Brothers demonstration at Kitty Hawk” type of thing – right now it can only generate small amounts of current and the price is far too high to be practical, but if it works, it proves that something that most people thought impossible (free energy) might actually be possible. Give it a few more years of research and development (assuming all the people who want to work on it aren’t bought off, scared off, or killed off by the fossil fuel interests), and who knows where this could go. I’d be happy if it could just make phone, tablet, and laptop batteries a thing of the past!

If Orbo turns out to do what Steorn claims it does, the technology is simply stunning. What CEO Shaun McCarthy talks about in this video — a webinar for Steorn investors that was somehow made public — is that they have managed to make a power unit that puts out a steady electrical current indefinitely (well almost, McCarthy said that theoretically it could run for 800 years), without any kind of energy input needed.

Source: Steorn’s Stunning Orbo Claims: Neverending Electricity Produced at Point-of-use | Free Energy Times

Anti-Gravity is a real thing!

Nobody’s going to attach much credibility to anything we post today, so with that in mind, here are links to three articles, only two of which are intended to be taken seriously.  Can you guess which ones?

Antimatter Gravitational Fields: Are we on the Cusp of ‘Anti-gravity Technology’? (From Quarks to Quasars)
Boeing Admitted Testing Anti-Gravity 12 Years Ago (Humans Are Free)
Shocking anti gravity device showed to Public… (Flying Rumor)

Be careful if you start researching subjects like anti-gravity. One of our editors started reading an anti-gravity research compilation, and he said that the problem with it was that he just couldn’t put it down!

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