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Nov 15 2016

Fix Ubuntu/Linux Mint boot and grub issues with Boot-Repair – NoobsLab

Boot-Repair is around from quite sometime, released under license GNU-GPL and it is great tool to fix the issues with your Grub and Boot, it repair frequent boot issues you may encounter in Ubuntu … Source: Fix Ubuntu/Linux Mint boot and grub issues with Boot-Repair – NoobsLab

Apr 03 2016

OpenShot 2.0.x Crowd Funded Video Editor Available for Ubuntu/Linux Mint – NoobsLab | Ubuntu/Linux News, Reviews, Tutorials, Apps

OpenShot video editor is an open-source video editor for Linux but also available for Windows and Mac, it is free and released under GNU GPL 3 license. Using OpenShot video editor you can create a film with your videos, photos, and audio tracks that you have always thought of. It lets you add transitions, effects, …

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Jan 25 2016

Rollback an apt-get upgrade if something goes wrong on Debian / Ubuntu Linux

Explain how to undo or rollback an apt-get install command on a Debian or Ubuntu or Mint Linux. Source: Rollback an apt-get upgrade if something goes wrong on Debian / Ubuntu Linux (nixCraft)

Dec 05 2015

How to disable Ipv6 on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian

So if ipv6 is not supported on your network infrastructure, it might be useful to disable it all together. Why ? It can cause issues like delayed domain lookups, un-necessary attempts to connect to ipv6 addresses causing delay in network connection etc. Source: How to disable Ipv6 on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian (BinaryTides) (This is …

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Aug 01 2014

Link: How to install Linux Mint alongside Windows 7

This article will show you how to install Linux Mint 17 side by side with Microsoft Windows 7. The desktop environment that will be installed will be the “Cinnamon Desktop”. It is imperative that you follow every section especially the part about backing up your Microsoft Windows files. If you fail to back up your …

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May 01 2014

Link: How to Add a Printer in Ubuntu or Linux Mint with CUPS

Sometimes your printer might not work with your Linux machine and you will have to install the necessary drivers to make it work like in Windows. Most printer manufacturers have printer drivers for Linux, but, some don’t. According the OS platform statistics posted on W3Schools, Linux has 5% and Macs around 10% market share and …

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Apr 04 2014

Link: Install “Gnome Do” an Application Launcher in Ubuntu/Linux Mint

Do is an intelligent launcher tool that makes performing common tasks on your computer simple and efficient. Do not only allows you to search for items in your desktop environment (e.g. applications, contacts, bookmarks, files, music), it also allows you to specify actions to perform on search results (e.g. Run, Open, Email, Chat, Play, etc.) and …

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Mar 18 2014

Link: Browse Internet as Nobody knows what you are doing, Simple SOCKS Proxy setup under Linux

As you may know ISPs can see those links you visit from your devices while using their service, this thing bother me and many users who knows about this stuff. Simply we can use SOCKS proxy using SSH. This approach is useful to surf web because things will be encrypted and your local administrator or …

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Feb 21 2014

Link: 5 Reasons Why PCLinuxOS Is Better For Windows XP Users Than Ubuntu

I have recently written a series of articles showing How to install PCLinuxOS alongside Windows XP. There are a number of reasons why I chose to write about PCLinuxOS over say Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Here are five reasons why I think PCLinuxOS is a better fit for Windows XP and Windows Vista users than …

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Feb 10 2014

Xvidtune: a Linux command line interface to print or switch the video mode and/or interactively adjust existing video modes

From the Ubuntu manuals page for xvidtune – video mode tuner for Xorg: Xvidtune is a client interface to the X server video mode extension (XFree86-VidModeExtension). When given one of the non-toolkit options, xvidtune provides a command line interface to either print or switch the video mode. Without any options (or with only toolkit options) …

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