Linux users: How to Run Netflix in Kodi (original title: How to Run Netflix on the Raspberry Pi)

This is a case where a blog post is kind of mis-titled, and suggests that the article has more narrow application than it really does. The original title suggests it only applies to Raspberry Pi users, but if you actually read the article you find that the method shown should be equally applicable to any Linux-based distribution running Kodi, or at least to those Linux distros that are based on Debian (Debian, Raspbian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Zorin OS, and many more). The same method would probably work on non-Debian-based distros as well, if you can get the required dependencies using their package managers, and if Kodi will run on them. I understand that it was published in a blog intended for Raspberry Pi users, so that’s probably why they tried to make it seem only relevant to the Raspberry Pi, but if you are running Kodi on some other Linux distro and want to view your Netflix content, you might try giving the method shown in this article a try:

How to Run Netflix on the Raspberry Pi – Pi My Life Up

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