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A handy tip for entering long and/or complicated commands at the Linux command prompt (when using the bash shell) from a Mastodon user

Saw this tip on Mastodon from user Stephan (@durchaus@mastodon.social) and thought it worth passing along:

When you are about to write a long and complicated command in bash, then hit CTRL+x CTRL+e to enter an editor window in which you can write the command with your default editor. The command will be executed immediately after the file is saved and the editor is closed.

(Link to post)

I never knew you could do this. And it was only a year or two ago that I found about about CTRL+r which lets you do a text search for commands in your history (so you don’t need to keep pressing the up arrow). Then again I am not a big command line user, but when I do need to use it, tips like these can be quite helpful IF I can remember them when I need them!

Thanks to Stephan for sharing this tip!

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