Video: Turning the Raspberry Pi into an FM transmitter with PiFM

Direct link to YouTube video

Link to page that describes how it’s done: Turning the Raspberry Pi Into an FM Transmitter

The interesting thing about this: Other than the Raspberry Pi and its power supply, the only external hardware required is a piece of wire to act as an antenna, and a way to connect it to the correct pin on the device!

2 thoughts on “Video: Turning the Raspberry Pi into an FM transmitter with PiFM

  1. I have a dongle usb internet stick. It can be plugged into my laptop or desktop and I get internet. but I want to go wireless is there a router I can plug my dongle into and hard wire other computers and also go wireless for my other devices?

    1. skye – Not sure how your question relates to this article, but we would think that what you want to do should be possible using just about any good wireless router. But we have not actually attempted to do anything like that, so no guarantees. You might want to post your question in the Networking forum at – you’ll likely get a more knowledgeable response there.

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