Is elitism the reason many open source projects self destruct?

The author of this article seems to think so. He appears to be primarily talking about Ubuntu here, but we strongly suspect that the same thing has happened with several other open source projects:

The Achilles Heel of Open Source: Elitism (Linux Advocates)


Mark Shuttleworth: Canonical leads Ubuntu, not ‘your whims’ (The Register)

1 thought on “Is elitism the reason many open source projects self destruct?

  1. I sincerly question this author’s motives. He reminds me of the Windows cry-baby, who wanted a Windows Like OS, but quickly went scurraging back to Windows, after running into a Linux fanboy, who claimed everyone should switch to Linux, but then scold the first person to ask “how to i do . . .?”

    By the way, I am a Linux user, with an open mind to various distros, as well as Windows, and a general dislike of Apple.

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