10 Easy Ways to Restore Your Linux System

Reverting your operating system to a previous state without consequences sounds almost like magic. You can quickly return to your work as if nothing happened, even when you don’t know what caused the problem. That’s why the System Restore feature is among the top things ex-Windows users want from Linux. Some go as far as proclaiming that Linux will never be as good as Windows because it lacks System Restore.

(Or as good as OS X because it lacks an equivalent to Time Machine, which was around long before Windows added System Restore.)

Those users should read the manual, or even better, this article, because today we’ll present the tools that bring System Restore functionality to Linux. True, they’re not always available by default, but neither is System Restore in Windows 10. You could also argue that they don’t behave exactly the same as their Windows counterpart, but then again, the way System Restore works changed between Windows versions.

Source: 10 Easy Ways to Restore Your Linux System (MakeUseOf)

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