Why Comcast’s Main Justification For Broadband Caps is Crap | DSLReports

This is a bit outside the normal content of this blog but I thought it important to pass along. For more articles of this type I suggest you visit both DSLReports and Stop the Cap! on a regular basis.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts recently justified the company’s slowly-expanding usage cap “trials” by insisting that broadband should be treated just like gasoline and electricity. According to the CEO, broadband is just like both, in that users should be forced to pay more money for more usage, because it costs Comcast significantly more money when individual consumption soars.

“We don’t want anybody to ever not want to stay connected on our network, but just as with every other thing in your life, if you drive 100,000 miles or 1,000 miles, you buy more gasoline,” stated the CEO. “If you turn on the air conditioning to 60 vs. 72, you consume more electricity. The same is true for usage, so I think the same for a wireless device. The more bits you use, the more you pay.”

The problem with Roberts implying Comcast faces higher costs with higher usage? Broadband is absolutely nothing like electricity, water, gasoline, or any other utility. Over at its POTS and PANS blog, CCG Consulting is the latest to make the important point that bandwidth isn’t a spigot. They note that Comcast faces two major costs for bandwidth: transit and and raw bandwidth. …..

Source: Why Comcast’s Main Justification For Broadband Caps is Crap | DSLReports

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