Link: How to Create Own Online Shopping Store Using “OpenCart” in Linux

In the Internet world we are doing everything using a computer. Electronic Commerce aka e-commerce is one one of them. E-Commerce is nothing new and it started in the early days of ARPANET, where ARPANET used to arrange sale between students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

These days there are some 100’s of E-Commerce site viz., Flipcart, eBay, Alibaba, Zappos, IndiaMART, Amazon, etc. Have you thought of making your own Amazon and Flipcart like web-based Application Server? If yes! This article is for you.

Opencart is a free and open source E-Commerce Application written in PHP, which can be used to develop a shopping cart system similar to Amazon and Flipcart. If you want to sell your products online or want to serve your customers even when you are closed Opencart is for you. You can build a successful online store (for online merchants) using reliable and professional Opencart Application.

Full article here:
How to Create Own Online Shopping Store Using “OpenCart” in Linux (Tecmint)

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