Link: Creating SD Card Images For Raspberry Pi in Mac

The Raspberry Pi is a new breed of cheap, single use computers that were just made for making projects. People routinely build them into standalone devices or use them to control other devices. They are almost like a disposable computer.

In fact, Pi is a small but capable Linux computer, making it an easy transition from the Mac’s UNIX from a programming and command line stance. Running software is mostly a simple matter of obtaining SD card images from around the web and burning them to SD cards.

The biggest problem you face is that the SD cards need to be in a specific format, a boot sector that is visible in FAT32 and the body of the disk which is in the Linux format. This is not something which is easy to do on the Mac without specific knowledge software to do the low level image burn that we need.

In this article, we show you what software to use for this job on the Mac and how to burn SD card images.

Full article here:
Creating SD Card Images For Raspberry Pi in Mac (Make Tech Easier)

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