Easily download subtitles from YouTube (and a few other sites)

There are plenty of tools that will let you download a video from YouTube, but what about when the video you want to watch contains subtitles? If you need the subtitles to understand the video, just head on over to this site:

KeepSubs: Download and save any subtitles from Youtube, Viki, Crunchyroll and more!

Put your YouTube link into the box, click the Download button (or select one of the available translations) and in a moment or two you’ll have a file containing the subtitles. Just rename it to match the name of your downloaded video, except make the extension .srt – so if the video is named “Soviet era propaganda film.mp4”, the subtitles file should be named “Soviet era propaganda film.srt”. Put both files in your videos directory and play using any program that recognizes subtitle files, such as VLC or XBMC (note that you may need to enable subtitles). That’s all there is to it!

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