Link: Linux alias command explained with examples

Today we will see how to set alias in Linux/Unix and save the time while typing. Hope this alias will save you number of hours. This will greatly help you to concentrate on your learning rather than just entering commands. We have to spend as less time as possible in typing and use that time for some meaningful stuff. Below are some things which we will learn today.

What is an alias?

What are advantages of alias?

For which commands we have to use alias?

How to define an alias?

How to define an alias permanently?

How to use an alias?

How to view set alias in Linux machine?

How to unset an alias?

Alias command with examples

Advanced alias? Then use functions.

Full article here:
Linux alias command explained with examples (The Linux Juggernaut)
30 Handy Bash Shell Aliases For Linux / Unix / Mac OS X (Cloud Computing)

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