Link: Linux ntopng – Network Monitoring Tool Installation (Screenshots)

Nowdays computers are connected between each other. From the small area such as your home Local Area Network (LAN) until the the biggest one which we call – Internet. When you are managing a network computer, you are managing one of the most critical component. Since most of developed application is web based application, the network between critical.

There is why we need a network monitoring tool. One of the best network monitoring tool is called ntop. From Wikipediantop is a network probe that shows network usage in a way similar to what top does for processes. In interactive mode, it displays the networkstatus on the user’s terminal. In Web mode, it acts as a web server, creating a HTML dump of the network status. It supports a NetFlow/sFlowemitter/collector, a HTTP-based client interface for creating ntop-centric monitoring applications, and RRD for persistently storing traffic statistics

Now after 15 years, you will find ntopng – the next generation ntop.

What is ntopng

Ntopng is a high-speed web-based traffic analysis and flow collection. Ntopng is based from ntop. It’s run on every Unix platform, MacOS X and Windows.

Full article here:
Linux ntopng – Network Monitoring Tool Installation (Screenshots) (LinOxide)

Note that according to the ntopng download page, in addition to Linux, ntopng “should virtually compile on any Unix/Win32 platform.” However, we don’t know of any specific instructions for those platforms at this time.

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