Link: Internet Connection Down? Get a Voice Alert When Your Mac is Back Online

We’re all incredibly reliant on our internet connections these days, but sometimes those connections aren’t so reliable. Whether it’s due to an ISP failure, a router being down, someone tripping over a cord somewhere, or whatever other occurrence, it can be frustrating to wait for a downed internet connection to come alive again. We’ve all known users who simply hit the “refresh” button on a web browser repeatedly to see when things revive, but there is a better way. Users who are comfortable with the command line can use a better solution, which utilizes the ping tool to detect an active internet connection and the text-to-speech say command to verbally announce when things are live again. Be sure to have the volume turned up on the Mac to use this.

It should be noted that with only slight modification you could use this same technique to monitor a specific site that is down, and notify you when it comes back up. The article and reader comments also show how to receive other types of notifications, in case you are in a situation where you can’t hear a voice alert, or it would be unappreciated by others nearby.

Full article here:
Internet Connection Down? Get a Voice Alert When Your Mac is Back Online (OS X Daily)

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