Really want to switch to Linux but hate losing that Mac OS X look? There could be a solution…

Look, we’re not suggesting that anyone copy the look and feel of another operating system – that might be frowned upon in some circles. But that said, there are some people who are finding that true Macs are priced just a little out of their reach, so they either try to build a “Hackintosh” or they put Linux on a computer and then try to make it look and work as much like a Mac as possible. For the latter crowd, we offer this article, but suggest you consider carefully which tweaks you actually make, particularly if you ever plan on using your system in any kind of public setting.  Could you get sued for displaying an Apple logo on a non-Apple product?  We don’t know, and we don’t want to find out!

Mac OS X (MBuntu 13.10) Pack is ready, Install in Ubuntu 13.10/Linux Mint 16/other related Ubuntu derivatives (NoobsLab)

Mac OS X transformation pack is ready for Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy/Linux Mint 16. This transformation pack has been completed with collaboration of haniahmed (One Gnome Shell theme) and mbossg (One Gtk theme + two icon sets) both guys did really fine job. Mac themes for Linux are almost stopped but we kept this project on our list from 12.04, and now we release Mac transformation for every new Ubuntu release. Many people look over the internet for pre-configured Mac look like Macbuntu 13.10/Mac4lin, Mac Ubuntu theme and so on, but it is good idea to transform it by yourself because if you want to change to old/other look you can do that easily. This method of transformation doesn’t use any excessive memory/CPU/and other resources.

This time NoobsLab is offering four Mac GTK themes, two Gnome Shell and one Cinnamon theme. Cinnamon theme isn’t very close to Mac but it can give Mac feel to panel. This time we included three icon packs which are somewhat different from each other.

We don’t think we’d go through all this trouble just to change the look and feel, even though we do hate Unity in Ubuntu.  It might be easier to just start with a Linux distribution that already has a great interface, such as Linux Mint.

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