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Mar 24 2014

Link: 10 URLs That Every Google User Should Know

Where can you get a list of every ad that you have clicked on Google? Where should you go if you don’t remember your administrator password? What are your interests as determined by Google? Here are 10 important links that every Google user should know about. They are tucked away, somewhere deep inside your Google …

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Oct 18 2012

Using YATE to overcome Google Voice issues in FreeSWITCH and Asterisk

If you have been less than thrilled with the Google Voice support in another software PBX, such as Asterisk or FreeSWITCH, you could try using YATE as a Google Voice Gateway.  It can be installed on either a separate server, or on the same server as your FreeSWITCH or Asterisk installation, however if you are …

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Sep 27 2012

Link: Google Voice Customers Cry Out For Help, No One At Google Hears Them

The Consumerist is just waking up to a fact that many of us Google Voice users realized a long time ago:  There is virtually no such thing as customer support at Google Voice.  For example, they still haven’t fixed the bug that even if you disable call screening, it’s still turned on if the calls …

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Jan 13 2012

Interesting thread on integrating Speech to Text with Asterisk and PBX in a Flash

I just wanted to call your attention to this thread on the PBX in a Flash forum: Exploring Speech to Text This thread explores the possibility of adding a simple speech to text demo, and also discusses the possibility of transcribing e-mails to text.  It uses Google’s speech recognition service, and it is free to use. …

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Dec 14 2010

Asterisk 1.8.x and FreePBX users: How to NOT answer Google Voice calls UNTIL the called extension answers

This article was originally published in December, 2010 and may contain out-of-date information. Many folks are experimenting with Asterisk 1.8.x and Google Voice.  In most cases the way it’s set up is that when a Google Voice call arrives, Asterisk answers the call, then sends a touch-tone digit “1” to Google Voice to answer the …

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Oct 20 2010

Link: Free SIP Calling with Google Voice (sans Gizmo5)

One of the more popular articles on this site is How to use Google Voice for free outgoing calls on an Asterisk/FreePBX system (the easy way), but that article assumes that you own (or have administrator access to) an Asterisk server.  What if you just want to have a softphone or regular phone with Google …

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