Dec 29 2016

Your Own Linux..! series on Linux / Unix Shell (Bash) Scripting

Your Own Linux..! recently published a multi-part series on Unix/Linux shell scripting, that would be useful to anyone desiring to write a bash script. The articles are:

Introduction – Linux / Unix Shell (Bash) Scripting

Bash Scripting Variables – Environment and Special Shell Variables

Bash Scripting – Arithmetic, Logical, Relational and Bitwise Operators

Bash Scripting – Arrays with Examples

Bash Scripting Conditionals – if-then-else, if-elif-else, Nested if-else

Bash Scripting – ‘for’ Loop

Bash Scripting – ‘while’ Loop

Bash Scripting – ‘case’ Statement

Bash Scripting – ‘select’ Loop and ‘select-case’ Statement

That’s the complete list as of the publication date of this post (EDIT: Plus a couple of late additions). If you want to check to see if any have been added since then, go here.

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