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Apr 07 2016

Want to experiment with free or nearly-free energy? Here is a site for you!

Fancy yourself to be a modern-day Tesla? Or maybe you just want to read about others who have experimented with free, or nearly-free energy with varying degrees of success. Well, here is a site that probably contains everything you want to know, most of it in downloadable format: Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices Now, I …

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Nov 24 2015

Steorn’s Stunning Orbo Claims: Neverending Electricity Produced at Point-of-use | Free Energy Times

Is this legitimate? I don’t know, but one reason I think it just might be is that it’s not making a totally outrageous claim, such as “you can run your entire home off of one of our devices.” No, this sounds more like a “Wright Brothers demonstration at Kitty Hawk” type of thing – right …

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Apr 01 2014

Anti-Gravity is a real thing!

Nobody’s going to attach much credibility to anything we post today, so with that in mind, here are links to three articles, only two of which are intended to be taken seriously.  Can you guess which ones? Antimatter Gravitational Fields: Are we on the Cusp of ‘Anti-gravity Technology’? (From Quarks to Quasars) Boeing Admitted Testing …

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