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Links: Linux Fundamentals, Parts 1-4

Welcome to “Linux fundamentals,” ….. designed to prepare you for the Linux Professional Institute’s 101 exam. ….. By the end of this series of tutorials (eight in all), you’ll have the knowledge you need to become a Linux Systems Administrator and will be ready to attain an LPIC Level 1 certification from the Linux Professional Institute if you so choose.

Full articles here (source: funtoo linux):
Linux Fundamentals, Part 1
Linux Fundamentals, Part 2
Linux Fundamentals, Part 3
Linux Fundamentals, Part 4

Link: List of Free And Open Source Monitoring System

The Linux monitoring systems are often used to follow system resources, such as CPU load, the amount of free RAM, network traffic statics or memory consumption. Which are ones from the most important tasks for every administrators. Furthermore, those tools notify the network administrator (via email, SMS or other alarms) when something interrupts or goes down which makes their life easier.

From those monitoring tools we will list the 7 most important in this article which will be described and identified by giving their features and mentioning their current version.

Full article here:
List of Free And Open Source Monitoring System (Unixmen)

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