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Build your own NAS with OpenMediaVault

OpenMediaVault is a Debian based special purpose Linux Distribution to build a Network Attached Storage (NAS) System. It provides an easy to use web-based interface, Multilanguage support, Volume Management, Monitoring and a plugin system to extend it with LDAP, Bittorrent, and iSCSI capabilities. This tutorial describes the installation and configuration of OpenMediaVault.

Source: Build your own NAS with OpenMediaVault – Howtoforge

Link: Hack Old USB Drives into a Mini RAID on a Mac

Most of us have a lot of old USB thumb drives lying around. Sometimes you just got a new larger capacity or less grubby looking one, but often you just accumulate them as they are the most popular storage medium and are used and discarded as needed because they are cheap.

Once they have served their purpose, the ones you don’t use just sit in a drawer or on a desk until you throw them away or lose them (and you don’t even remember it existed). But what if you could combine them and make a higher capacity drive to plug into a media player in a TV or back up your USB drives that are in use?

This article explains how to turn old USB drives into a mini RAID to give them new life.

Full article here:
Hack Old USB Drives into a Mini RAID on a Mac (Make Tech Easier)

Link: 5 Dropbox Alternatives for Linux

These days there are dozens of personal “cloud storage” services. The most popular is Dropbox. A lot of people are happy with Dropbox; some are not. It’s not a terrible service, but it’s not for everyone. For whatever reason, finding an equivalent to the service is challenging. The reason? Not a lot of mainstream services offer a Linux client, so you’ll have to do a bit of digging. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the best Linux friendly alternatives to Dropbox to make your life easier! Check it out!

Full article here:
5 Dropbox Alternatives for Linux (Make Tech Easier)

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