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Link: 5 Free Tools that Let You Edit PDF Files

Isn’t it really annoying when you have a PDF file that you need to modify or change? Actually going into the PDF and changing it requires a slew of expensive Adobe software that, quite frankly, very few people can legally afford. I am not a proponent of illegally downloading software – especially Adobe’s expensive software – so I have compiled a list of my five favorite tools that let you openly edit PDF files.

Full article here:
5 Free Tools that Let You Edit PDF Files (Make Tech Easier)

Note: Some of the suggestions in the above article are Windows-only. If you run OS X, you could try running one of the Windows-based programs, or use one of the “Universal” solutions in the above-mentioned article. Alternately, here is a somewhat dated article that may offer some additional suggestions, and note that Preview (which comes with all recent versions of OS X) has the ability to edit unprotected PDF files. If you run Linux, you could try PDFEdit or some other editing tool.

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