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Dec 17 2017

Rsync Over Ssh On Different Port In Linux

Rsync and SSH tools on different Linux port to copy local as well as remote files. Backup important data to secure place with Rsync and SSH in Linux. Source: Rsync Over Ssh On Different Port In Linux (LinOxide)

Mar 18 2017

How to Use SSH Pipes on Linux

Like most commands on Linux, SSH can be used with input/output redirection via | (Unix Pipe). SSH can be used with this pipeline too. The basic concept here is understanding how the Unix pipeline works. When you understand the way pipes work, you can get seriously creative. This article covers what happens when you combine …

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Jan 04 2017

Raspberry Pi as a SOCKS proxy and SSH file server Tutorial

A couple redditors showed interest in how I set up my Pi as a SOCKS proxy and recommended I make a separate post as a tutorial, so I’ll do my best to explain everything. Background SOCKS stands for Socket Secure, and is essentially just a middle man for a server and client for send information …

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Feb 18 2016

5 Ways to Keep Remote SSH Sessions and Processes Running After Disconnection

In this article, we will explain five useful techniques to keep your remote SSH terminal sessions running even after session disconnection under Linux systems. Source: 5 Ways to Keep Remote SSH Sessions and Processes Running After Disconnection (Tecmint)

Dec 21 2015

Secure Shell Access (SSH) – Linux Command Line | Code Snipcademy

Secure Shell Access (SSH) – Learn about Secure Shell Access (SSH), private and public keys, SCP, and all other topics related to the ssh command in our beginner’s tutorial. Introduction – Introduction to SSH, how it’s better than telnet and basic ssh commands. SSH Keys: RSA and DSA – Learn about SSH public and private …

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Oct 02 2015

Secure SSH Server In Ubuntu 14.04

SSH is used to provide secure and encrypted communication over a network and to control servers remotely. Here’s how to secure an SSH server in Ubuntu 14.04 Source: Secure SSH Server In Ubuntu 14.04 (Make tech Easier)

Jun 18 2015

How To : Set up a FTPS (FTP over SSL) Server on Linux ~ Your Own Linux..!

FTP is a standardized network protocol and probably the quickest as well as easiest option available when a large chunk of data is to be transferred, from one host to another, over a TCP-based network. FTP defines a client-server architecture which uses two separate ‘well-known’ ports, for data (port no. 20, used for data transfer) …

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May 04 2015

Link: How to access a Linux server behind NAT via reverse SSH tunnel

You are running a Linux server at home, which is behind a NAT router or restrictive firewall. Now you want to SSH to the home server while you are away from home. How would you set that up? SSH port forwarding will certainly be an option. However, port forwarding can become tricky if you are …

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Mar 28 2015

Link: Linux Troubleshooting: How To Keep A Process Running After Putty Or SSH Session Closed?

Mostly, I use SSH command to connect to my remote server. Unfortunately, today the power is gone and the Ethernet hub is turned off, so my SSH session was lost. What do you do if an important task is going on after losing your SSH session? Here is the simple tool called Tmux to keep …

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Mar 22 2015

Link: Security in Three Ds: Detect, Decide and Deny (using DenyHosts to stop brute-force SSH attacks)

Whenever a server is accessible via the Internet, it’s a safe bet that hackers will be trying to access it. Just look at the SSH logs for any server you use, and you’ll surely find lots of “authentication failure” lines, originating from IPs that have nothing to do with you or your business. Brute-force attempts …

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