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Dec 17 2017

Rsync Over Ssh On Different Port In Linux

Rsync and SSH tools on different Linux port to copy local as well as remote files. Backup important data to secure place with Rsync and SSH in Linux. Source: Rsync Over Ssh On Different Port In Linux (LinOxide)

Dec 10 2017

12 Different Options of Rsync Command in Linux With Examples

This article shows different practical usage of rsync command and its options in linux with detailed examples Source: 12 Different Options of Rsync Command in Linux With Examples (LinOxide)

Jun 29 2015

How to Backup Files in Linux With Rsync on the Command Line | Linux.com

Rsync is an extremely powerful tool and does more than just make copies of your files on your system. Source: How to Backup Files in Linux With Rsync on the Command Line | Linux.com

Apr 07 2015

Link: Time Machine for every Unix out there

Using rsync to mimic the behavior of Apple’s Time Machine feature rsync is one of the tools that have gradually infiltrated my day to day tool-box (aside Vim and Zsh). Using rsync it’s very easy to mimic Mac OS X new feature called Time Machine. In this article I’ll show how to do it, but …

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Oct 29 2014

Link: rsync Command to Exclude a List of Files and Directories in Linux

rsync is a very useful and popular linux tool being used for backup and restoring files, but also for comparing and syncing them. We already shown you in the past how to use rsync command in linux with examples and today we will add a few more useful tricks you can use rsync at. Full article …

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Jun 11 2014

Link: RSync Command to Backup and Synchronize Files in Linux

RSync or Remote Sync is the Linux command usually used for backup of files/directories and synchronizing them locally or remotely in an efficient way. One of the reasons of why RSync is preferred over all other alternatives is the speed of operation, RSync copies the chunk of data to other location at a significantly faster …

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Jun 01 2014

Link: Grsync And GAdmin-Rsync: The Graphical Front-end Applications For Rsync Tool

In our previous article about rsync, we have shown you how to install and use rsync. Working in command line mode is better than GUI mode, however it will be bit difficult to newbies and novice users. Today, I will introduce some graphical front-end tools called Grsync and Gadmin-rsync which will help to ease the …

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Mar 04 2014

Link: The Non-Beginner’s Guide to Syncing Data with Rsync

The rsync protocol can be pretty simple to use for ordinary backup/synchronization jobs, but some of its more advanced features may surprise you.  In this article, we’re going to show how even the biggest data hoarders and backup enthusiasts can wield rsync as a single solution for all of their data redundancy needs. Warning: Advanced …

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Nov 07 2013

Link: Grsync : Graphical rsync backup tool on Ubuntu (12.10 / 13.04 / 13.10)

grsync is a graphical rsync tool in ubuntu linux. It provides a graphical user interface to backup or sync important files & directories to remote machine or in local machine using rsync. It currently supports only a limited set of the most important rsync features, but can be used effectively for local directory synchronization. Full …

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