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Jul 11 2014

Link: Rdesktop: Access Windows Desktops Remotely From Linux [Quick Tip]

Most of you know about rdesktop which is used to view and access Windows desktops remotely from any GNU Linux systems. rdesktop is an open source client for Windows Remote Desktop Services, capable of natively speaking Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) in order to present the user’s Windows desktop. rdesktop is known to work with Windows …

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Jun 20 2014

Link: Mikogo: A Multi-platform Desktop Screen Sharing And Remote Access Software

Most of you have heard and used the LogMeIn service which is used to access a remote system screen via Internet or through native applications. We can use Logmein software to online meetings, remote IT supports, web conferences etc. Unfortunately, Logmein is now switched to paid version and the free service is no longer available. …

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Apr 05 2014

Link: NoMachine Server Installation and Configuration

In the previous article, we introduced the X Window system and discussed different X Window remote desktop options. In this article, I will cover installation of the NoMachine remote desktop server and the various server options. Full article here: NoMachine Server Installation and Configuration (pfSense Setup HQ)

Mar 14 2014

Link: OpenVPN on DD-WRT: A Secure Connection To Home Networks

Since the demise of the free LogMeIn service, you might have lost access to your home PC. Fortunately, with the right router, and a little bit of time, you can gain free access to your home machines very easily with OpenVPN. This guide I’ve written for the DSLReports.com community will focus primarily on OpenVPN running …

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Jan 16 2014

Link: Setting up VNC on Raspberry Pi

Although the Raspberry Pi can be connected to a TV or monitor via HDMI or DVI, there are times when running a Raspberry Pi “headless” (without a monitor) is desirable. In a headless setup, you could connect to your Raspberry via SSH but if you want the full desktop then you will need to connect …

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Jan 04 2014

Link: How to remote control Raspberry Pi

Once you have a fully working Raspberry Pi system, it may not be convenient for you to continue to access Raspberry Pi directly via a keyboard and HDMI/TV cable connector dedicated to Raspberry Pi. Instead, you will want to remote control “headless” Raspberry Pi from another computer. In this tutorial, I will show you how …

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Oct 23 2013

Link: NoMachine – An Advanced Remote Desktop Access Tool

Working remotely is not a new thing for Linux Administrators. Especially when he/she is not in front of the server. Generally, the GUI is not installed by default on Linux servers. But there may some Linux Administrators who choose to install GUI on Linux servers. When your server has a GUI, you may want to …

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Mar 22 2013

Nomachine NX: An alternative to VNC for using a remote Linux desktop

If you have ever tried to access a Linux system using VNC, and your host computer wasn’t particularly fast, you may have noticed that things slow down considerably – you definitely know you’re accessing the computer remotely, even if the access is via a local network link. And even if you don’t have that issue, …

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