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Link: The Non-Beginner’s Guide to Syncing Data with Rsync

The rsync protocol can be pretty simple to use for ordinary backup/synchronization jobs, but some of its more advanced features may surprise you.  In this article, we’re going to show how even the biggest data hoarders and backup enthusiasts can wield rsync as a single solution for all of their data redundancy needs.

Warning: Advanced Geeks Only

If you’re sitting there thinking “What the heck is rsync?” or “I only use rsync for really simple tasks,” you may want to check out our previous article on how to use rsync to backup your data on Linux, which gives an introduction to rsync, guides you through installation, and showcases its more basic functions.  Once you have a firm grasp of how to use rsync (honestly, it isn’t that complex) and are comfortable with a Linux terminal, you’re ready to move on to this advanced guide.

Full article here:
The Non-Beginner’s Guide to Syncing Data with Rsync (How-To Geek)
Syncronize Files Between Servers With RSYNC (Ma-No)

Link: How to synchronize files between two servers

Suppose you have a collection of files which are replicated on two different servers. The two replicas are then modified independently, and you want whatever changes made in one replica to be propagated to the other, so that both replicas remain in sync.

There are several file mirroring tools on Linux, such as rsync or duplicati. However, these tools are meant for “uni-directional” file sync (i.e., pushing or pulling incremental updates in one direction), and so two-way sync would require running such tools twice, one for each direction.

Unison is an open-source file synchronization tool that natively supports bi-directional file synchronization. Unison is available on multiple platforms including Linux, FreeBSD, Windows and MacOS X. In Linux, Unison is available as a command-line tool as well as a GUI program with GTK+ interface.

In this tutorial, I will describe how to synchronize files between two servers with Unison command-line utility.

Full article here:
How to synchronize files between two servers (Xmodulo)

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