Ted Cruz Pushes Bill to Hinder Community Broadband

Ordinarily, this is not a political blog – there are plenty of political blogs out there for those into that sort of thing, and there are also “Faux News” outlets for the racists, religious zealots, and just plain hateful people among us. Assuming you are not a total idiot (hopefully you would not be reading this blog if you are), you understand how important it is to prevent huge corporations such as Comcast and AT&T from enacting policies that are increasingly anti-consumer, and from successfully preventing new competition in areas where they have near-monopoly status. So, the last thing we need is a president that is in the pockets of the huge incumbent ISP’s and cable providers, and apparently that is exactly what you’d get with Ted Cruz (not to mention that many reports from former acquaintances indicate he’s just an awful person; kind of like the schoolyard bully you probably hated as a kid – if you want a repeat of a Richard Nixon or Lyndon Johnson presidency, Ted is probably your guy).

Now Presidential candidate Ted Cruz is the latest to rush to the defense of AT&T, Comcast, and other large providers with a new amendment aimed at defending these bills, which sometimes even ban communities from striking public/private partnerships to shore up broadband coverage.

Source: Ted Cruz Pushes Bill to Hinder Community Broadband | DSLReports

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