Link: Hybryde Fusion: Get 11 Desktop Environments in One Distro [Linux]

If you have been a long-time Linux user, you probably are using your favorite distro, or a desktop environment that can improve your productivity. But what if you are planning to switch from Windows to Linux and you are not sure of which distro to use? To make thing worse, you do some research and find that there are a ton of desktop environments out there and each distro comes with more desktop environments. So, which one should you choose?

That is really a hard to solve problem, and that is where Hybryde Fusion comes into play. It is basically a distro that comes pre-installed with eleven different desktop environments so you can test out each and every one of them and see which one you like. Hybryde Fusion is great for testing and is not meant for live production use.

Full article here:
Hybryde Fusion: Get 11 Desktop Environments in One Distro [Linux] (Make Tech Easier)

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