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Nov 30 2017

watch – Repeat Linux / Unix Command Regular Intervals

Watch is a Linux command to continuously monitor output of a command or script after desired intervals. Source: watch – Repeat Linux / Unix Command Regular Intervals (LinOxide)

Nov 27 2017

18 curl command examples in Linux/Unix

cURL(See URL) is an excellent Linux command which helps in interacting with web pages, FTP servers as a Linux inbuilt API. Source: 18 curl command examples in Linux/Unix – The Linux Juggernaut

Nov 25 2017

Read-only Raspberry Pi script: how to secure a micro SD card so nothing can be written to it

If you’ve ever built a Pi for a kiosk, installation or information display, you’ll find Adafruit’s read-only Pi script invaluable. This script disables all the write-to-SD-card functions, meaning that you can pull the plug without any risk of data loss or corruption. The Adafruit script forces Raspbian to store all its temporary data in memory, …

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Nov 18 2017

Do you hate Firefox 57, or more specifically the loss of the Classic Theme Restorer and/or Tab Mix Plus extensions?

Firefox has been pushing out Firefox 57, and a lot of people really hate the fact that their “legacy” extensions don’t work anymore. Two that I see frequently mentioned as especially missed are Classic Theme Restorer and Tab Mix Plus. Now, you should be aware that there is an alternative to Firefox called Waterfox, which …

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Nov 10 2017

15 Linux Screen Command for Dealing Terminal Sessions

The screen is a terminal multiplexer. Using this, you can run any number of console-based-applications, interactive command shells, course-based applications, etc. You can use screen to keep running program after you accidentally close the terminal, or even after you log out and later resume right wherever you are. Source: 15 Linux Screen Command for Dealing …

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Nov 09 2017

What Is GREP and How Do You Use It?

Grep is a small Unix program for finding matching patterns. Begun as a Unix program, it can be found on Linux as well as Mac and BSD. It can read just about any text, meaning it can read input from another commands, or it can open and look through files directly. Grep is insanely useful, …

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Nov 02 2017

How to Take Linux System Snapshots with Timeshift

Linux shows you no mercy when you don’t have a backup. There are several backup utilities out there, including System Restore for Windows and Time Machine for Mac OS. Timeshift is an open-source software which takes incremental snapshots of your Linux file system at regular intervals, which you can restore later if you accidentally render …

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