Monthly Archive: November 2012

Nov 30 2012

Why Asterisk-based GUI software should make better use of regular expressions

Having recently discovered that Asterisk supports regular expressions (with some limitations), I got to wondering why the FreePBX-based GUI’s don’t make better use of them.  For example, in FreePBX, Trixbox, Elastix, etc., the Outbound Route pages all support entering patterns that are then directly used in Asterisk dialplans, in a most inefficient manner.  Let me …

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Nov 24 2012

How to send various types of notifications on an incoming call in FreePBX

PLEASE NOTE: When you look at examples in this article, be aware that WordPress has a nasty habit of changing quotation marks to “prettified” quotes, which WILL NOT WORK. So, unfortunately, if you copy an example line or code block, you may need to go through and change the quotation marks back to the “real” …

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Nov 23 2012

How to use the FreePBX [macro-dialout-trunk-predial-hook] macro and regular expressions to blacklist or whitelist outgoing calls on all trunks

DISCLAIMER: Just because I do something a certain way doesn’t mean YOU should, at least not without extensive testing to make sure that it will do what you want. I do not warrant that anything shown here will in any way save you from getting a high phone bill. If that should happen, consider it …

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Nov 21 2012

Did you know that Asterisk has the ability to evaluate Regular Expressions, though not in the same way as Perl or FreeSWITCH?

I happened to be searching the Asterisk issue tracker a few minutes ago (trying to figure out why the Asterisk Blacklist suddenly stopped working for no apparent reason on one of my systems) and happened to notice this issue which had just been posted today: REGEX function ignores shorthand character starting with backslash Wait, you …

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Nov 02 2012

Link: How to do Painless MySQL Server Backups with AutoMySQLBackup

I have not tried or tested this, but just wanted to point it out as it might prove useful to some readers. I still prefer MondoRescue for a full system backup, but I can see how this might also come in handy in certain situations: How to do Painless MySQL Server Backups with AutoMySQLBackup (

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