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Aug 22 2011

If your Linux-based PC with NVIDIA graphics started booting to a black screen or text only, here is the fix — maybe!

I’ve seen this happen several times now on Ubuntu-Linux based systems that have NVIDIA graphics.  What happens is that “Update Manager” pops up and tell you there are updates for your software, and you accept them.  It then tells you that your system has to be rebooted.  And when you do that, you get no …

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Aug 21 2011

How to send an e-mail notification when someone dials a particular number in FreePBX

Someone in the PBX in a Flash forum wanted to know if there was some technique that could be used to get an e-mail alert if a user on the system dialed 911.  There are probably many ways this could be done, but here was the way I thought would work.  This has not been …

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Aug 20 2011

How I upgrade Asterisk 1.8

Note: This article was originally posted in August, 2011 and may be out-of-date. This is just one of those things that I figured it might not hurt to put into a blog post so I can find it later if I ever need to.  This is the procedure I use to upgrade Asterisk 1.8 when …

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Aug 17 2011

How to block a single extension’s ability to make outgoing toll calls in FreePBX

This question comes up a lot and rather than having to re-type the answer each time I see it posted in some forum, I decided to put it here, where I can just link to it.  If you want to know why this works, read my previous article, Asterisk hiding a useful feature in plain …

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Aug 13 2011

How to keep one group of extensions from being able to call another group of extensions in FreePBX

FreePBX is NOT designed for multi-tenant use. Yet a lot of people will still try to, for example, run two small companies off the same FreePBX server. The question then invariably arises “How do I keep one company’s users from calling the other company’s extensions?” Just yesterday in the FreePBX forum, someone asked: Imagine I …

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Aug 11 2011

Asterisk hiding a useful feature in plain sight by giving it a "cute" name

Somewhere in FreePBX 2.7 or thereabouts, it became know that there was a feature of FreePBX Outbound Route dial patterns, were you could use a /CallerID extension. This (among other things) basically lets you limit the use of an Outbound Route to a particular extension or group of extensions.  It’s a very useful feature, but …

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Aug 09 2011

Problems you may encounter when attempting to install phpMyAdmin on your Centos server, and how to solve them

This article was originally published in August, 2011 and may contain outdated information. I just spent an interesting couple of hours trying to install phpMyAdmin on an Asterisk server running CentOS 5.5. As I encountered each problem and solved it, I had to wade through a lot of pages that weren’t applicable to my installation, …

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Aug 08 2011

Link: FreePBX security advisory – SIP extension types

The SysAdminMan blog has posted a new article related to FreePBX security, that I strongly urge you to read if you are running FreePBX or any FreePBX-based distribution: FreePBX security advisory – SIP extension types The basic issue is that by default, FreePBX sets extensions to type=friend rather than the more secure type=peer.  The article …

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Aug 02 2011

How to isolate a second router from the rest of your local network

I was recently asked how to solve a particular problem and I came up with what I think is an interesting solution, especially given my overall rather limited knowledge of networking.  The issue was this: In the home in question, they have cable broadband and a router that feeds jacks throughout the house.  For security …

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Aug 01 2011

A Perl script to rewrite the "static" IP address in the FreePBX Asterisk SIP Settings when it is changed by your ISP

This was originally posted in August, 2011. Unless you are deeply in love with Perl, I suggest you also take a look at the newer article, A Bash script to rewrite the "static" IP address in the FreePBX Asterisk SIP Settings when it is changed by your ISP. Although it is still considered experimental, it …

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