Monthly Archive: April 2011

Apr 30 2011

Do you use Webmin to configure iptables and also run fail2ban? Don’t forget to do this!

For many Linux users this will be a “Thank you, Captain Obvious” type of post, but it’s one of those things that some Webmin users might not realize.  If you use Webmin’s “Linux Firewall” configuration page to configure the iptables firewall in Linux, and you click “Apply Configuration”, it will remove fail2ban‘s rules from your …

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Apr 24 2011

Fixing Midnight Commander’s unreadable dropdown menus

If you’ve installed Midnight Commander and haven’t changed the default colors, when you try to access a dropdown menu you may see this: REALLY hard to read that menu, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you rather see this? To fix the unreadable menus, just make sure Midnight Commander is not open, then use any text editor (such …

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