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Nov 30 2012

Why Asterisk-based GUI software should make better use of regular expressions

Having recently discovered that Asterisk supports regular expressions (with some limitations), I got to wondering why the FreePBX-based GUI’s don’t make better use of them.  For example, in FreePBX, Trixbox, Elastix, etc., the Outbound Route pages all support entering patterns that are then directly used in Asterisk dialplans, in a most inefficient manner.  Let me …

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Jan 26 2012

I no longer recommend using Asterisk’s Google Voice support — try these methods instead!

This article was originally written in January of 2012, and has been heavily edited in an attempt to update it a bit. Not that anyone probably cares what I think, but anyone who regularly reads this blog (or any of the other VoIP-related blog that cover Asterisk) may have noticed that prior to the release …

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Sep 16 2011

How to install the BIND DNS Server using Webmin, so Asterisk extensions (hopefully) will work even when your Internet connection fails

If you run Asterisk you may have encountered this issue: Your Internet connection goes down, and so does your ability to call from extension to extension, even between extensions on your local network. This is a long-standing bug in Asterisk (exactly the sort of bug that drives people to try alternatives such as FreeSWITCH) but …

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Jul 02 2011

How to show the source DID in FreePBX call detail reports

This article was originally published in July, 2011. This functionality may or may not be already present in newer versions of FreePBX. NOTE:  If you have installed a separate FreePBX CDR report tool module and it does not already include this functionality, you may need to do this before you follow these instructions: Copy this …

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Jun 28 2011

Using a dynamic DNS (DDNS) to solve the problem of keeping a firewall open to remote users at changeable IP addresses

(Updated July 1, 2011 to include rudimentary test for string returned that doesn’t contain an actual IP address) One problem faced by Asterisk users (and probably also users of other software PBX’s) is that you want to secure your system by not opening ports up to the entire Internet, but if you have remote users …

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Apr 30 2011

Do you use Webmin to configure iptables and also run fail2ban? Don’t forget to do this!

For many Linux users this will be a “Thank you, Captain Obvious” type of post, but it’s one of those things that some Webmin users might not realize.  If you use Webmin’s “Linux Firewall” configuration page to configure the iptables firewall in Linux, and you click “Apply Configuration”, it will remove fail2ban‘s rules from your …

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Mar 25 2011

A Perl script to send Caller ID popups from Asterisk to computers running Notify OSD (such as Ubuntu Linux) or any command-line invoked notification system

This is basically an update to my article, A Perl script to send Caller ID popups from Asterisk to computers running Growl under OS X on a Mac or Growl for Windows, and you should still use that article if you are sending notifications to a computer on your local network that runs Growl or …

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Feb 24 2011

Link: Monit: Disk space monitoring

This article was originally posted in February, 2011 and may be out of date. You may also wish to read Link: How to Install and Setup Monit (Linux Process and Services Monitoring) Program. Here’s an article that will be helpful to may of you who are running PBX servers under CentOS, especially (but not limited …

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Jan 27 2011

FreePBX voicemail hacks

This article was originally posted in January, 2011 and may contain outdated information. A few things you should know about FreePBX voicemail: • If you are not receiving voicemail notifications (stutter dial tone, message waiting indication on certain phones, etc.) there are two things to check.  One is to go into /etc/asterisk/ and see if …

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Jan 14 2011

Link: A FreePBX ARI module to send fax from the User Portal

A FreePBX ARI module to send fax from the User Portal Note: FreePBX users may be uncertain as to which directories the files need to go into. On our system, I found that: sendfax.module goes into /var/www/html/recordings/modules sendfaxnotify.php goes into /var/lib/asterisk/bin EDIT: After moving the files to the proper directories you may need to run …

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