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Apr 27 2016

Ted Cruz Pushes Bill to Hinder Community Broadband

Ordinarily, this is not a political blog – there are plenty of political blogs out there for those into that sort of thing, and there are also “Faux News” outlets for the racists, religious zealots, and just plain hateful people among us. Assuming you are not a total idiot (hopefully you would not be reading …

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Jul 21 2013

Not such a great deal on a VoIP PBX?

Is this the worst deal ever on a VoIP PBX? Probably not, but in our opinion it’s certainly not the best deal by a long shot, unless maybe they are providing a GREAT support package. See this thread on the PBX in a Flash forum. Interesting that their ad says “All products are sold on …

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Jan 26 2012

I no longer recommend using Asterisk’s Google Voice support — try these methods instead!

This article was originally written in January of 2012, and has been heavily edited in an attempt to update it a bit. Not that anyone probably cares what I think, but anyone who regularly reads this blog (or any of the other VoIP-related blog that cover Asterisk) may have noticed that prior to the release …

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Jun 04 2010

Mini-review of Sangoma U100 USBfxo device

This article was originally posted in June, 2010. I recently had the experience of trying to help someone make a Sangoma USBfxo device (model U100) work on a server that runs FreePBX and Asterisk. The advertised features of this device are as follows: Dual FXO ports Easy installation, no need to open up computer to …

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