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Sep 17 2016

OAuth 2.0 Support for Asterisk 13, so XMPP connections to Google Voice can be made using the more secure oAuth authentication

If you are running Asterisk 13 (or are ready to upgrade to Asterisk 13) and are using it to connect to one or more Google Voice accounts, you can now use oAuth authentication instead of the problematic username/password, without resorting to the use of a pre-built distribution that may contain features you don’t need and …

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May 26 2016

Read this before you pay $10 to Obihai for support

As you may be aware, I removed all of the Obihai-related articles on this blog in protest of Obihai’s decision to attempt to charge users an additional $10 support fee in order to get firmware updates, and I no longer recommend Obihai devices. However, if you previously purchased an Obihai and find that you need …

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May 12 2015

Forum thread: User-specific Caller ID/whitelist/blacklist in Asterisk/FreePBX

Occasionally I see a forum thread that contains enough interesting material that it could be the start of an article, but because it’s stretched through a number of posts, I can only link to the thread. And also, because I’m not the author of any of the original posts, I can’t just copy and paste …

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Apr 15 2015

Link: Quick trick for Missing Forwards calls to Google Chat Option in Google Voice Account

Forwards calls to Google Chat is an important option for people who are using Google Voice as free VOIP solution. In order to able to receive calling, forwards calls to Google Chat option must be activated so the VOIP adapter can acts as a Google Chat to receive calling, eg: OBi Devices. Without that, the …

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Feb 28 2014

Link: GVMax Forwards Google Voice Notifications to Your Phone

Google Voice may have its own mobile webapp now, but it doesn’t provide notifications on your phone when you get new SMS messages. Free web service GVMax solves this problem by putting full SMS support into email and IM on your smartphone. ….. GVMax is an open source web service that allows you to send …

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Jun 29 2013

Proof of concept: Automatically transfer Google Voice voicemail to Asterisk voicemail

The following should be considered proof-of-concept material. Feel free to use and/or modify it at your own risk. The problem: You have Google Voice calls coming into an Asterisk server but even though you take care to answer calls when they arrive, every so often some hiccup causes voicemails to be left in Google Voice’s …

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May 21 2013

Link: Google Voice: a step-by-step primer on ditching your land line while keeping your number

Note that this process may not work in certain areas of the country. All told, using the mechanism I’m going to describe below, it’ll cost you about $45 per phone line ported. Google Voice: a step-by-step primer on ditching your land line while keeping your number (ZDNet)

May 16 2013

How it used to be done: How to use Google Voice for free outgoing calls on an Asterisk/FreePBX system (the no-XMPP way)

It appears that some people are getting upset because Google is dropping the use of its XMPP protocol with Google Hangouts, and there is much speculation that they might drop XMPP support altogether, which could break the method used by PBX software (such as Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, or Yate) and even some hardware to connect to …

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Apr 06 2013

Not receiving some incoming Google Voice calls? Try increasing the priority

A page on the Asterisk Wiki entitled Calling using Google contains this bit of information about priorities: More about Priorities As many different connections to Google are possible simultaneously via different client mechanisms, it is important to understand the role of priorities in the routing of inbound calls. Proper usage of the priority setting can …

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Oct 18 2012

Using YATE to overcome Google Voice issues in FreeSWITCH and Asterisk

If you have been less than thrilled with the Google Voice support in another software PBX, such as Asterisk or FreeSWITCH, you could try using YATE as a Google Voice Gateway.  It can be installed on either a separate server, or on the same server as your FreeSWITCH or Asterisk installation, however if you are …

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