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Apr 08 2014

DynDNS will discontinue free DNS service on May 7, 2014 – here are some alternatives

A little over two years ago, DynDNS took the first steps toward discontinuing their Free DNS service, and now they have announced that it’s really coming to an end for most users. In the 2012 article linked above, the following alternatives were mentioned: Those that have replaced their router’s firmware with DD-WRT have the option …

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Jan 15 2012

DynDNS (mostly) discontinues free DNS service

Dynamic DNS service selections in DD-WRT

Over the years, many people have used DynDNS as a way to get a free domain name that will “track” their actual IP address, even if their ISP changes it.  Apparently that free ride has all but come to an end.  If you read the instructions that How-To Geek posted in their article How To …

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