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Nov 09 2017

What Is GREP and How Do You Use It?

Grep is a small Unix program for finding matching patterns. Begun as a Unix program, it can be found on Linux as well as Mac and BSD. It can read just about any text, meaning it can read input from another commands, or it can open and look through files directly. Grep is insanely useful, …

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Oct 16 2015

How To FreeNAS Install And Configure APC UPS For Power Management

How To FreeNAS Install And Configure APC UPS For Power Management Source: How To FreeNAS Install And Configure APC UPS For Power Management (nixCraft)

Aug 27 2015

How To Install FreeNAS 9.3 | Unixmen

FreeNAS is a Network Attached Storage operating system,it is freeBSD based and support CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, FTP, RSYN along with RAID support. Source: How To Install FreeNAS 9.3 | Unixmen

Dec 08 2014

Link: Monitorix – An Open Source, Lightweight System Monitoring Tool For Linux

Monitorix is a free, Open Source monitoring tool that can be used to monitor as many services and system resources as possible. Unlike other monitoring tools, it is very simple to install, configure and monitor the systems. Initially, it was developed to support only the RPM based systems such as Red Hat, CentOS etc., but, …

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Nov 01 2014

Link: 8 Tips to Solve Linux & Unix Systems Hard Disk Problems Like Disk Full Or Can’t Write to the Disk

Can’t write to the hard disk on a Linux or Unix-like systems? Want to diagnose corrupt disk issues on a server? Want to find out why you are getting “disk full” messages on screen? Want to learn how to solve full/corrupt and failed disk issues. Try these eight tips to diagnose a Linux and Unix …

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Apr 30 2014

Link: BASIC programming with Gambas for the beginner programmer

Scratch is a great tool for teaching programming to young children, but what happens when kids outgrow Scratch? Among Raspberry Pi aficionados, the typical answer is to advance to using Python, which is an excellent choice. However, in honor of the 50th birthday of BASIC, I would like to suggest another programming environment: Gambas. We …

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