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Mar 09 2010

An overscan fix for the Sharp LC-42SB45U television set when connected to a computer with a Linux operating system (Ubuntu, etc.)

If you bought a Sharp LC-42SB45U TV, perhaps because it was on a super great (and very lightly advertised) deal at Wal-Mart back in November, and then later tried to hook up a home theater PC to it, you may have been disappointed to discover that unlike most flat screen digital TV’s it doesn’t have …

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Mar 23 2008

BETA Perl script for Caller ID popups when using Linksys/Sipura devices

Phone icon - right click and copy image

photo credit: bcostin PLEASE NOTE: This¬† article has been updated as of December 30, 2008.¬† This now works with a Mac or Win32 computer (and Linux computers with libnotify installed or readily available, such as those running Ubuntu) and has been updated to reflect that fact. Also, please note that previous versions may have failed …

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