Month: June 2006

Regular Expression Laboratory


This is an edited version of a post that originally appeared on a blog called The Michigan Telephone Blog, which was written by a friend before he decided to stop blogging.  It is reposted with his permission.

If you are like me and haven’t had to do much with regular expressions, but every so often encounter them (or worse yet, want to create one), you may find this free software useful. It’s called Regular Expression Laboratory and this is the description:

Regular Expression Laboratory is an assistant simple to use tool to help you learn and prepare regular expressions.

If you are a developer or just concerned with text processing tasks, the Regular Expression Laboratory is a tool that you need. In fact, you felt that you need a program like this but could not formalize your needs. We have done this job for you. Now you can construct your regular expressions with much ease and test them by applying to an arbitrary text.

Regular Expression Laboratory support the incredible size of a stored regular expression: 2MB!

This could be a useful piece of software for those that have pulled their hair out trying to construct, or to interpret someone else’s regular expressions.

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