May 22 2013

Link: New Product: OBi200 + New OBiWiFi Set-Up

Obihai OBi202 front view

Obihai OBi202 back view

Introducing the OBi200:
In a nutshell, the OBi200 features a single phone port and single Ethernet connection to the Internet. It provides much of the same call control / call routing functionality of the OBi202 including support for the OBiWiFi and OBiBT USB accessories, 4 VoIP services (Google Voice and SIP), OBiTALK and T.38 fax – when connected to a service provider who also supports the T.38 protocol. At just under 70mm square and 27mm high, the OBi200 is arguably the smallest, most powerful VoIP device available today.

Article continues at:
New Product: OBi200 + New OBiWiFi Set-Up (OBiTALK forum)

OBi200 product page at Amazon (Amazon affiliate link – Disclosure: We get a small commission if you buy using this link)

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