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Feb 18 2017

RJCLIP Repairs Ethernet RJ45 Clips in Seconds

It’s just a small plastic bit that simply fits on top of the broken RJ45 connector … Source: RJCLIP Repairs Ethernet RJ45 Clips in Seconds (CNXSoft – Embedded Systems News)

Feb 05 2017

How to Make ‘Quick Look’ in Mac More Powerful with Plugins

Quick Look is one of the most convenient features of macOS as it allows you to quickly preview files. Here is how to extend its functionality with plugins. Source: How to Make ‘Quick Look’ in Mac More Powerful with Plugins – Make Tech Easier

Feb 02 2017

Easily Use Free VPNs From VPN Gate In Linux With These 2 Tools

Below you’ll find 2 tools that make it easy to use free OpenVPN servers from VPN Gate in Linux.In case you’re not familiar with VPN Gate, this is project that offers free VPN servers that are ran by volunteers who use SoftEther. It was designed with the Great Firewall of China in Mind and is …

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Jan 11 2017

How to Run Any Mac Terminal Command With a Keyboard Shortcut

Are there particular Terminal commands you find yourself running several time a day? Do you wish you could trigger them quickly, with just a keystroke? Source: How to Run Any Mac Terminal Command With a Keyboard Shortcut (How-To Geek)

Jan 07 2017

A short guide on configuring your Raspberry Pi to automatically run x11vnc server at startup

Hey guys, I thought I would share a short guide I made about configuring x11vnc to automatically launch every time the Pi boots up. I had such a hard time getting it to work and thought I should spread the knowledge. I’m a noob with Linux and the Pi, so I thought this would be …

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Jan 04 2017

Raspberry Pi as a SOCKS proxy and SSH file server Tutorial

A couple redditors showed interest in how I set up my Pi as a SOCKS proxy and recommended I make a separate post as a tutorial, so I’ll do my best to explain everything. Background SOCKS stands for Socket Secure, and is essentially just a middle man for a server and client for send information …

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Jan 01 2017

The Best Tools to Archive Websites for Long-Term Storage

If you want to preserve the contents of a specific website, here’s what you can do to archive websites permanently for long term storage. Source: The Best Tools to Archive Websites for Long-Term Storage – Make Tech Easier

Dec 30 2016

How to Improve the Security of Your Linux System with Firejail

If you are looking to improve the security of your Linux system, check out Firejail that can sandbox all processes and reduce the risk of security breaches Source: How to Improve the Security of Your Linux System with Firejail – Make Tech Easier

Dec 29 2016

Your Own Linux..! series on Linux / Unix Shell (Bash) Scripting

Your Own Linux..! recently published a multi-part series on Unix/Linux shell scripting, that would be useful to anyone desiring to write a bash script. The articles are: Introduction – Linux / Unix Shell (Bash) Scripting Bash Scripting Variables – Environment and Special Shell Variables Bash Scripting – Arithmetic, Logical, Relational and Bitwise Operators Bash Scripting …

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Dec 28 2016

21 Must-Have Apps For Ubuntu Desktop

We’re often asked what our essential Ubuntu apps are, but rather than reply in the comments I figured I’d write a list of what are, for us, must-have apps for Ubuntu. Whether you’re new to Ubuntu or a recent convert from Microsoft Windows, you should find some software to suit you in the list below. Naturally, not …

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